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Adoption Can Inspire a Child to Improve Their School Performance

On Behalf ofAlexander | Grossman March 27, 2023

A discussion of family law matters as they relate to a child’s academic performance is often very negative. For example, researchers and pundits alike have spent a lot of time exploring the relatively strong correlation between the stress caused by parental divorce and declining academic performance.

However, the positive impact of certain family law matters gets far less attention than negative stories do. Adoption by stepparents, foster parents or extended family members is often necessitated because of unusual and difficult family circumstances. A divorce may lead to long-term estrangement and a stepparent filling a very important role in a child’s life.

Other times, a parent loses parental rights due to addiction or criminal activity, and so someone else steps into an affected child’s life. Adoption may have an association with difficult times for young adults, but the research is very clear that it often leads to positive growth for them in many areas of life, including their academic performance.

Adoption Often Improves the Child’s Grades

For many teenagers and young adults, an adoption is a sign that they now have stability and a permanent family on which they can rely. After an extended time of upheaval in their lives, they may now feel like things have started to get back to normal.

With the love and support of their adoptive parent, as well as the stability that comes from having a daily family routine, students who previously struggled academically often find their grades improving. Adoption can benefit those who have promise but have not had the support that they required to truly pursue academic success.

Adoption Does Not Need to Seem Intimidating

Many people who would provide wonderful adoptive opportunities for the children that they care about delay pursuing formal adoption because they worry about how difficult the process seems to be. Adoption is often largely a technical process that families can easily manage with the right support.

From passing the home inspection stage, to filling out paperwork to having a hearing in front of a family law judge, there are many steps involved in adopting a child, but the process is unquestionably worthwhile for the adoptive parents and the child alike. Exploring more of the possible benefit of legal adoption with the assistance of an experienced attorney can help adults make the decision to step up for a child in their life.