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Real Estate FAQ

Your real estate law questions answered

If you have questions about real estate law in Illinois, we are here to answer them. We can also provide you with skilled representation regarding residential and commercial real estate transactions in Chicago and the surrounding region.

Following are some of the most frequently asked questions we receive about real estate law.

Do I Need an Attorney to Buy or Sell a Home?

You don’t need an attorney, but you can protect your interests by hiring a knowledgeable one. Whether you are buying or selling, an attorney can review all of your documents to ensure that you are truly getting the deal you think you are getting. Without knowledgeable legal guidance, you may encounter unwelcome surprises in the future, including title defects, lawsuits and other liabilities. Illinois is what is called an "Attorney state", where attorneys are involved in the sale process and take the lead once you go under contract. In some states the entire process is handled by the realtor or title company alone. On the sale side, it is the attorney who orders title insurance and makes sure all title clearances are addressed. On either side, the attorney review and inspection process is led by the attorneys and only attorneys can propose modifications to the contract after the parties have each signed the contract. Having an attorney with you throughout the process means you are much less likely to have surprises (or headaches!) after closing.

What if The Other Party Backed out Of a Sale?

If a party backs out of an agreed-upon contract, the other party may have grounds for a breach of contract lawsuit. The aggrieved party may be entitled to restitution for transaction fees and other expenses related to the matter. If a buyer backs out of a sale, one remedy is to keep their earnest money

What Do I Bring to A Closing?

If you are buying a home, you should bring identification, proof of insurance and funds for making a down payment to the closing.

If you are selling, you should bring a photo ID, keys to the property and any other documents your escrow agent or real estate lawyer advises you to bring.

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