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I was on the hunt for a real estate attorney when selling my condo. I emailed about 10 different law firms asking for a price quote. 9 out of the 10 law firms told me to call to talk about rates. Alexander | Grossman let me know right then and there the rates and the full process. That is what I needed – a no fuss attorney! Selling a condo yourself is already stressful, I didn’t want added stress of possibly being screwed over by my attorney. Jennifer responded to my email right away.

Jennifer is amazing! She went above and beyond to help with my condo sale. Unfortunately, the buyer backed out. But Jennifer was there through every step of the way. She answered emails right away (sometimes even after office hours). She fought for me during the process. She is always, always on top of things. She sent me friendly reminder emails. Amazing, Amazing. I will definitely be going to Alexander | Grossman again.

– fbegum88